About the Delaware River Heritage Trail

About the Delaware River Heritage Trail

Delaware River Heritage Trail – Linking Communities Along the River

The Delaware River Heritage Trail will enable residents and visitors to the Delaware River Valley to experience the beauty and life of the upper Tidal Delaware River and surrounding environs.

DRGP has been working to develop the Delaware River Heritage Trail in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania as a walking and bicycling trail that links the river communities and provides the means to appreciate the river area’s heritage. The trail will be developed from Trenton, NJ, continue south to Palmyra, NJ, cross over to Philadelphia on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, and continue north to Morrisville, PA across from Trenton. The trail will be located as close to the riverfront as possible, with interpretive displays describing the natural and cultural history of the region. It will link existing State lands, including the Delaware Canal State Park (PA), Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park (NJ), and Neshaminy State Park (PA), and several local parks. This region is rich with natural resources, including the Hamilton-Trenton-Bordentown Marsh, the largest freshwater tidal marsh in the eastern U.S. Significant historic and cultural resources that shaped an early nation are found along the route. Many towns were settled in the 17th century, and others were significant in developing the American Industrial Revolution. These resources will be highlighted along the route through interpretive signs and printed material developed by DRGP.

Working with local communities and non-profit organizations, the Delaware River Greenway Partnership is coordinating the long-term planning of the Heritage Trail, and developing outreach materials, interpretive signage, and stewardship projects. County and state agencies are responsible for trail construction, and DRGP is working with these agencies to assure that the trail will be usable by walkers and cyclists, and include facilities for trailheads, parking, and uniform signage.

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